About Little Champs

Little Champs is Bay Area's #1 STEAM focused after school center.


To prepare children to embrace challenge and be successful in their academic life and beyond.

To encourage children to believe in their inner capabilities in order to boost self-esteem, confidence and performance.

To empower children to think out of the box to create innovative solutions for common problems.

To teach children to become independent, emotionally stable and productive individuals.

To inspire children to be socially responsible and recognize the value of contributing to the community.


Little Champs culture is our philosophy, approach, values and believes that creates a safe and healthy nurturing environment for students to try new things, acquire new skills and become self-reliant. We work hard to ensure each student goes through this learning experience and become a well-rounded contributor to the group. Our culture encourages students to work smart in collaborative environment to achieve the maximum success. The continuous focus on learning something everyday keeps the curiosity alive.

Our Partners

Little Champs has exception set of partners; well reputed in their respective domains. Our partners collaborate with our teachers to build creative programs to provide well balanced learning platforms for students to thrive. All of the them tries new techniques and continuously evolve to create best possible learning opportunities. Our teachers and domain partners work closely and demonstrate strong commitment for the growth and development of our students.