After School Program

Innovative after school program that creates customized curriculum specific to every child’s needs.

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World Class Program

The singular objective of Little Champs is to provide world class supervised After School and enrichment program that provides extra edge to our students to be successful in their life.  Our program not only helps students excel in the work they are doing at school but also develops critical thinking approach to problem solving, enhances leadership and social skills, improves study skills, prepares them to be competitive in sports and provides opportunity to pursue extra-curricular activities per individual interests. Our program gets great reviews and equally loved by students, parents and school teachers.

Students are better prepared

Little Champs students are better prepared to face any challenge and succeed in all quarters of their academic life. They stay interested and motivated to come to Little Champs’ safe nurturing environment. They feel empowered to imagine creative out of the box ideas and feel comfortable to explore and try new things in highly supported environment. Little Champs students have shown significant improvement in their test scores and won several awards in robotics, science, sports, speech and debate competitions. Our program gets great reviews and feedback from parents; real testimony of great success of our program!

Pick up from Schools

We pick up kids directly from schools in Cupertino, West San Jose, Saratoga Campbell school districts. The safety of kids is our top notch priority and we don't leave anything to chance while we are transporting kids. We have credible, reputed and licensed transportation partners specialized only in kids transportation. Every single van or bus is equipped by all safety protocols as requlated by CPUC (California Public Utility Commission), NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) and Santa Clara county officials. We send pick up and drop off alert and mobile application to track the route.

STEAM Focused Activities

We believe that each child has unique growth opportunities and have specific learning needs. That is why we have designed an Innovative After School program that creates customized curriculum specific to every child’s needs. Our curriculum is right balance of academics, enrichment activities and enables children to pursue individual interests in science, technology, sports and creative art. Children get experts help to finish school homework every day before they conclude their day at Little Champs. We partner with school teachers to reinforce the concepts students learn everyday in the class.

Fun Family Events

Little Champs family comes together several times in a school year, that helps strengthen the social connection and build life lasting relationships. We love to celebrate together, take pleasure in sharing our happiness with each other and stick together in tough times. Every single year, we organize several family events where parents, grand parents, students, siblings and teachers get to talk to each other, share their experiences, watch kids’ talent show and have meaningful interactions to support the community. Our holiday celebration, summer picnic and end of the school year graduation ceremony are some of the favorite family events  Little Champs kids love our carnival, movie nights, halloween parade, valentine day art competition and field visits; they simply can’t get enough of it!!

Extra Curricular Activities

Little Champs teachers and researchers put a lot of effort to carefully pick extra-curricular activities that not only help children to practice their soft skills; communication, leadership, critical thinking, problem solving but also give them opportunity to pick up new skills in Sports, Language, Science and Technology. Kids get engaged in diverse after school activities based on their interest, throughout the school year to learn important lessons on teamwork, leadership and collaboration. These diversified activities are led by qualified professionals in specific areas for kids to get the best of the experience and quality learning.

For academic activities, we offer common core, logical thinking, homework help, math, writing, and language.
Technology + Science
For technology and science, we offer activities in robotics, science experiments, motorized lego, and more.
For creative activities, we offer arts and crafts, creative writing, bollywood dance, and yoga.


Common Core









Logical Thinking

Public Speaking

Bollywood Dance

Math Olympiad

Spelling Bee

Creative writing

Arts and Craft

Motorized Lego