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Smart Online Classes & Camps

Little Champs introduced Smart Online classes and camps to ensure learning continues to happen in current situation. We conduct these camps in small group size to ensure full attention on students in the class. Students get project work and practice home work in between two classes. We partner with talented instructors to conduct these classes via Zoom access. The curriculum is diligently prepared and tested for distance learning. The participants will get lifetime access to class videos, summary sheets for class and digital certificate of completion.

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Chess 1

In this camp, students will learn the fundamentals of the game of Chess. We’ll cover the rich history behind the game before diving deep into how pieces move, basic strategies to win, and more. This class doesn’t just teach your child Chess - it teaches them the analytical and strategic mindset that will help them through their life.

Chess 2

In this camp, students become experts in the strategy of the game of Chess. We’ll cover opening moves like the Queen’s Gambit and Sicilian Defense, end game strategies, and tactics to overpower your opponent. We’ll also be analyzing games of some of the great Chess players like Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov, and Bobby Fischer.

Scratch Programming

In Games with Scratch, students learn basic video game coding concepts by making different types of games, including racing, platform, launching, and more! Students will work as a team to conceptualize, design, prototype and complete a game from start to finish. Whether students are interested in learning the science behind gaming or

Python for Beginners

Dive into object-oriented programming with our Python for beginners class. Students will create many exciting projects such as computer-generated art, a rock paper scissors game, and soccer penalty shootouts. By learning the basics of Python programming language, students will gain a cohesive understanding of object-oriented

Public Speaking

In this course, students will learn to deliver powerful speeches and effectively communicate with their peers by learning about topics like rhetorical devices, the POP format of public speaking, and body language. Each day we will be covering a different type of speaking: impromptu, persuasion, speaking to entertain,