Why Pick Little Champs?

Learn why Little Champs is Bay Area's #1 STEAM focused after school center.

Our Approach

Little Champ's unique approach to the After School learning program inspires students to be innovators, creative problem solvers, exceptional communicators and strong leaders. The program's focus on overall development of students prepares them to face any challenge in academics and beyond. We help students to develop strong, positive relationships with parents and teachers that help them. There is a strong emphasis on practicing behaviors and actions that develop superior decision making and leadership skills in our students. The daily routine and conversations encourages collaboration and teaches them a vital lesson of winning as a team.

Customized Curriculum

We strongly believe that each child has unique growth opportunities and specific learning needs. We design customized curriculum to personalize the learning to get the best output. Our curriculum supports STEAM inspired learning with quality infusion of liberal arts. The idea is to build a program as per individual students’ strength and at the same time close the gap on the opportunities.

Committed Teachers

Little Champs have qualified, experienced and highly trained teachers who genuinely want to be there and are passionate about helping students reach their maximum potential. Teachers pay close attention to specific needs of parents and students and make them feel like home. We conduct through background and reference checks and verify educational credentials before we introduce any teacher to Little Champs family. All teachers go through periodic training to stay current with teaching methods, curriculum additions and Students’ safety approach. We conduct periodic safety drills to train Students on safety aspects and how to behave and follow instructions in case of real emergencies. All teachers go through First Aid training every year.  All Little Champs families love our teachers!

Safe and Welcoming Facility

We have a large spacious facility that is clean, well maintained, secured and safe. The design of the classrooms provides a nurturing environment for students to go through their daily routine. We have a satellite facility on DeAnza Blvd in Cupertino for Year around camps and enrichment classes. Each class from is designed to enhance collaboration and team work. The large studio is the place for group events and celebrations. The sports and recreational areas are well equipped with table games like ice hockey, foosball and table tennis. There are separate areas designated for reading, lego building, solving puzzles and strategy games.